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Irrigation Water Technologies (IWT) - KISSS is a breakthrough in the sub surface irrigation  systems for  commercial, agricultural, and domestic applications. The idea behind IWT is the deployment of the sub-surface textile irrigation system for better root control conditions and to save water from irrigation. This means that water will be delivered to the soil at a rate consistent to the demand of the soil to avoid wasting excess water that may only damage the root of plants.

            With the success of IWT – KISS in Australia and other countries, H2O Irrigation and Landscaping LLC brings IWT into UAE with the goal of establishing a better irrigation and landscape methods in the country. IWT is a strategic application to be used in UAE because of the high demand of water and the low production of water volume. It will allow homes to take advantage of the technology for their landscape without shelling out large amount of money for the water cost of maintaining their landscape beauty.

            IWT - KISSS sub-surface textile irrigation brings in the following advantages or benefits to homes, commercial complexes, and small agricultural gardens in the United Arab Emirates: 


Water Saving Efficiency
60% of Water Saving Efficiency.


If conventional irrigation demands 100 cubic meters of water for the landscape in a month, sub-surface irrigation system only demands 40 cubic meters of water volume. This means that you will be saving the cost of 60 cubic meters of water. In this regard, the bigger the landscape and the water volume needed, the bigger the savings one gets through this breakthrough approach to irrigation. 

Direct Irrigation
Direct Irrigation.


Plants roots always go downward to the sub-surface. This means that if one waters plants above the surface, some water won't be absorbed by the plants, rather the water may just evaporate without benefits to the plants. With the sub-surface irrigation system, water is delivered to the root zone and not the soil surface. This approach allows the plants to absorb water directly and it also eliminates evaporation. 

Weed Reduction
Weed Reduction.


Weeds usually grow in the surface of soil with roots spread across and not downward. With the sub-surface irrigation, water is not to be delivered to the surface where weeds may grow to serve as an agriculture pest control. As a result, weeds are prevented from growing and having mastery of the soil nutrients. 

Fertilizer Efficiency
Fertilizer Efficiency.

Fertilizers should be absorbed by the plants through the root zone. With the aid of the sub-surface irrigation system, fertilizers are directly delivered to the root zone and avoid evaporation, which is great for plantation in Dubai. 

Maintenance Effective
Maintenance Effective. 


One of the challenges in landscaping is the maintenance such as agriculture pest control. With sub-surface irrigation system, you are assured that plants grow properly and that materials used for the irrigation won't be damaged. This is a great way to keep your gardens beautiful without the high cost. 

Take advantage of the sub-surface irrigation system brought by IWT – KISSS, give us a call to discuss this new breakthrough in irrigation and landscape systems. 

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