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Landscape irrigation system Dubai

The landscape irrigation system Dubai is dealt with by professionals who achieve outstanding results that are not only suitable to the outdoor environment, but it is also satisfying for the client. The landscape irrigation system requires a complicated procedure in order to be installed and maintained, because there are different criteria that need to be taken into consideration before choosing the most suitable irrigation system.


First of all, it is important to understand how much water the plantation needs and how much the soil offers. In the case when the soil is moisturized, the irrigation system should only water the plants at certain times; however, if the soil is dry, the irrigation system should give more water. Moreover, it is important to check the local weather and climate. If the landscape is placed somewhere in a rainy area, the irrigation system should not work much, because it is not healthy for the plants to be overwatered.

In addition, considering the type of the irrigation system - either it is underground, or above soil - the irrigation system has to be programmed to water at certain hours, considering the fact that the plants should not be watered when the sun is shining over them, because it is going to “burn” the plants. Nevertheless, there are much more details that have to be taken into consideration when installing the landscape irrigation system, because it is important for the plantations to have the most suitable irrigation system.

There are some materials that are needed for the proper installation of any irrigation system. For the drip and sprinkler irrigation systems, it is important to have bubblers and drip emitters, air vent, backflow preventers, check valves, clamps for insert fittings, control tubing, control valves, control wire, controllers, corrosion protection tape for wrapping underground steel pipe, drainage pipe and fittings, and drinking fountains.

Moreover, other materials include a drip tube, drip tube fittings, electrical pull boxes, emitter distribution tube, fertilizer injector, filters, flanges, flange bolt and gasket kits, gasket lube for gasketed pipe, hose bibs and keys, ips flex pvc hose, isolation valves, lateral fittings, lateral pipe, mainline fittings, mainline pipe, master valve, micro-sprinklers and risers, moisture sensor, and operation keys or wrenches for isolation valves.

In addition, it is also important to make sure that one possesses paint, pipe couplings, pipe dope, teflon tape, pipe sleeves and wire sleeves, pressure gauge, pressure regulators, pressure release valve, primary electrical (115v, 230v) materials for power supply to controllers, pumps, pump station, pvc cement , primer, and applicators, quick coupler valve couplers, lock top keys, hose swivels, hose, and quick coupler valves.

The list continues and other materials needed include rain switch, rebar and clamps for staking sprinklers, repair tool kit, risers for isolation valves, vacuum release valve, pressure release valve, risers for pump station, air vents, master valve, risers for sprinklers, valves, backflow preventers, quick coupler valves, sprinkler heads, staking flags, caution tape, marking paint, vacuum release valve, valve and wire labels, valve boxes for air vent, vacuum release, pressure release, valve boxes for auto. valves, isolation valves, quick coupler valves, valve boxes for filters, water meter, pressure regulator, valve marker, water meter, wire splice sealers, and electrical tape.

This shows that a landscape irrigation system Dubai requires many materials and the cost can get very high if the person is not well informed of the necessities and the proper quantity for each material. However, a landscape irrigation system Dubai professional is going to understand the landscape needs and ask for the exact amount of material. This way, the owner is going to cut down on many costs and the irrigation system is going to be built in the most suitable way.

Nevertheless, the landscape irrigation system Dubai has many opportunities and advantages. First of all, it saves the owner a lot of time and energy, because he is no longer required to water the plantations daily. An irrigation system is going to give the proper amount of water at scheduled hours. This way, the plantations are going to be healthy and the water costs are going to diminish. The beauty of a landscape is built on the how healthy the plantations are. When the plantations are green and bloomed, the landscape peaks. 

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