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Water saving irrigation Dubai

Water saving irrigation Dubai is very appreciated by the community and it is easy to obtain. Any irrigation system can be improved. It is important to have the irrigation system audited. An irrigation audit can be free or it can be available for a very small price. After auditing the irrigation system, the owner can hire landscapers who are going to analyze and improve the irrigation system.


Another essential part is to adjust the irrigation controller run time in case the seasons change, or the weather alters. This step is usually done once a month to help improve the water saving irrigation. This step is free of charge and it can be done manually and it is going to take very short time. Saving water is very important for the community and it also decreases the water costs.

Another improvement to the water saving irrigation Dubai is to schedule the irrigation system to run in the morning; this applies the best to irrigation systems that use sprinklers. The reason for this is the fact that in the morning there is less evaporation than in the afternoon, also, the sun is not affecting the plantations very much and the chances for them to “burn” are slimmer. Moreover, watering at night can lead to plants disease.

Water saving irrigation Dubai implies that automatic sprinklers are programmed to run in cycles. When the sprinklers run in one long cycle, more water is going to evaporate and much is going to be wasted. When the automatic sprinklers are programmed to run in cycles, the plants are able to subtract the necessary water more and very little water is going to evaporate and even less is going to be wasted. Moreover, this water saving irrigation tip is going to make the landscape look more alive and fresher.

Another important tip is to have the sprinkler at 10 - 15 cm from each other in order to cover as much area as possible and to avoid watering more than the plants actually need. Also, it is important to constantly maintain the irrigation system. For instance, it is important to fix leaking pipes and to replace any damaged pipe or sprinkler. The lifespan of the landscape is directly connected to the way the irrigation system is maintained.

The water saving irrigation Dubai can be applied to any existent irrigation system. Of course, there is going to be necessary to replace some components and to make some small changes when it comes to plantations. It is important to group the plants regarding their need for water. For instance, if the owner has two types of plants where one requires less water than the other, combining these two plants is going to require more water than in the case where the plants were separate.

In other words, having an irrigation system does not automatically imply that the water is saved to the maximum. There is always room for more improvements. For instance, as mentioned above, watering in cycles can decrease the amount of water used considerably. First of all, sprinklers give more water to the plants and in a faster pace, and it is hard for the ground to absorb all that amount. Therefore, much water is going to be evaporated and the plant is going to be overwatered.

It is true that plants need water, but at the end of the day, they do not need to be swallowed in a wave. One must understand how much water the plant needs and to make sure that it gives no more, no less. This is the main path to saving water. There are other technicalities that can help prevent water usage.

First of all, it is more suitable to have smaller sprinklers that do not give too much water at once. It is ideal for the sprinkler to give as much water as the ground can absorb. This way, the water usage is decreased, and the water saving irrigation Dubai is increased and improved. Of course, making these changes is going to cost some extra money. But on the long whole, the money saved through less water usage is going to cover up this cost and more. Therefore, the water saving irrigation Dubai is effective and full of advantages. 

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