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Yard irrigation service Dubai

Yard irrigation service Dubai implicates a variety of criteria and necessities. The most common and the less intrusive irrigation system is the sprinkler system. The sprinklers can be turned on manually or automatically. In the case of the manual sprinklers, the owner is going to turn the system on and off each time he or she desire to water the plantation, while for the automatic sprinklers, the system is programmed to turn on and off at scheduled times. Moreover, the automatic yard irrigation system is going to detect weather conditions, such as rain, and prevent the sprinklers from starting.


There are a few steps required to apply a yard irrigation system. In order to get the process started, first measure the water measure by recording the figures shown in the outdoor faucet. To do that, a pressure gauge is needed; this can be found at any home center. Afterwards, analyze and record how much water the system acquires each minute. Deliver these two recordings, plus a similar sketch of the yard size, including the scale and the denivelation system, to the irrigation manufacturer that has been chosen.

The yard irrigation service Dubai is going to analyze the recording sent and give in return a system layout and a list filled with the necessary materials. A system layout segments the yard into particular areas, where it places a zone valve that is going to control the entire irrigation system. The next part is the actual integration of sprinklers. In this phase, there are three options: the owner can dig the entire system himself and install the sprinklers manually, he can rent a pipe - pulling machine that is going to help dig the areas faster and easier, or he can hire professionals.

A successful yard irrigation system requires valves, heads, a control panel, a clever, a self - tapping saddle valve, pipes and other materials. Bear in mind that in warmer climates, the yard irrigation system can be dealt with by using only PVC pipes; however, in most cases polyethylene pipes are used. Polyethylene pipes are a more flexible choice due to the fact that the system needs to freeze during the cold seasons - where there are cold seasons. This is why it is important to consult and to ask for advice from professionals or from local plumbing services.

Another yard irrigation service Dubai is the backflow preventer, which is needed to maintain the sprinkler system away from the main piping system, in order to avoid contamination the potable water. There are a few choices when it comes to a backflow preventer: there is the standard, surface - level backflow preventer, which can be installed at the highest point of the yard, and the reduced - pressure backflow preventer, which can be installed below grade.

Another advice when building a yard irrigation system is to dig the main pipes first, and only afterwards continue with the branches. The reason why this is advised is because the main runs are essential, while the branches can be modified based on the necessity of the land. Also, it is more important to have the main runs stable and afterwards continue with the details.

The yard irrigation service Dubai is complex and much like any other service that deals with maintenance, it is important to regard every aspect of the irrigation system. When applying a service, it is essential to look into the background of the system, in order to see if the service is the most suitable for the yard. There are many yard irrigation services that do not apply to just any type of irrigation system.

Nevertheless, the yard irrigation service Dubai deals with any kind of yard and is able to help with the installation of any type of sprinkler or sub - terrain irrigation system. The only difficulty is choosing the most suitable service. Also, there are many owners who do not understand the necessities of their yard irrigation and do not think about applying certain yard irrigation services. Therefore, whenever an owner notices changes or differences in his yard, it is important to check with a specialist. There are a few services that can help reduce the amount of money poorly spent of maintenance, when the yard needs something else.

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