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Landscape and Irrigation System


Commercial landscaping and designing is one of the problems of most homes. While the house boasts a great aesthetic appearance, without an eye-catching and comely commercial landscaping, the artistic design is lost. Yes, landscape design is a big thing, whether how big or small the outdoor space.


Landscape and irrigation system is essential to the outdoor space because it keeps the place pleasing to the eye without the hassle of lugging multiple houses around the yard. In fact, the landscape and irrigation system also saves a substantial volume of water usage - and of course, the cost of maintaining the landscape. With H2O Irrigation and Landscaping LLC, we can keep your landscape at its best design with the combination of a superb irrigation system.


There are several landscape and irrigation systems to choose from according to the size of your outdoor space, the type of plants to be planted, and the aesthetics of the landscape design. Here are four of the irrigation systems we dominantly use:

  • Micro-irrigation

  • Flood System

  • Rotary Sprinkler

  • Spray Irrigation System


In building the landscape and irrigation system, we want to know what you want. As much as we want to give you the best, we want to know the specifications and features you want for the outdoor space. This is the fundamental principle of our company. 

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