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Lawn Irrigation Design

A lawn irrigation design can be done by pretty much anyone. However, it is important to make the theoretic design based on the shape of each particular garden. A lawn irrigation design is one of the key parts before installing the irrigation system.

It is important to map out every singular tree, big shrub, sideways, sheds, and so on, because the irrigation has to be perfect. In addition, it is particularly important to choose before anything, where the sprinklers are going to take the main source of water from.


It is best to hire a specialist who is going to achieve the best lawn irrigation design, as he is going to think about everything that is of importance to the plan. The specialist is going to show every possibility of placing the sprinklers, after noting what your desires are.

One very important piece of information when trying to achieve the best lawn irrigation design is to find out from sketches or from companies, where the utilities are placed in the area that you desire to irrigate; such as telephone lines, electrical wires and cables, gas conducts, cables, and even sewer lines.

Bear in mind that for any irrigation system, one should have a water pressure of 18 to 22 kilograms per square feet. Even for this matter, one phone call to the company that gives water is going to fix it. However, it is important to remember that the water pressure is not constant all the time; therefore, it is more practical and more certain to take water pressure measurements a few times during different times a day.

Moreover, the lawn irrigation design is a practical way of creating the most suitable irrigation system for your land. In order to achieve the best sprinkling system design, there are a few steps that one should keep in mind.

First of all, draw up the sprinkler head locations and the spraying circles on a map - that should contain the desired area charted and placed on a scale - in order for the entire lawn to be sprinkled. To be more precise, on the lawn irrigation design, it is important to partially overlap some parts of the spray patters in order to make sure the entire land is covered.

In the second step of achieving the most suitable lawn irrigation design, it is important to remove the sprinklers’ head - to break them into clusters - in order to achieve different circuits, which are going to be controlled by the best control valve.

This step is important for the lawn irrigation design, because it prevents the case where there is not enough pressure that conducts the operation that controls each sprinkler at the same time.

The land irrigation design is helped by the workbook that comes along with each sprinkler. It is important to purchase the best type of sprinkler - in other words, the sprinklers which have the most suitable pattern for the lawn.

The third step in creating a lawn irrigation design is to make small groups for the control valves, connecting the manifold resulted to the main controller; thus, there are not going to be a confusing between the pumps and the sprinklers. However, this step is indicated to larger land areas.

It is important to have an organized shield of sprinklers, alongside with the pipes, the fittings and the valves that come along with them, because it avoids a malfunctioning system. The lawn irrigation design has to be very well organized and extremely accurate.

One important aspect, which does not occur to many people, is to avoid placing the manifolds in places where the land could freeze during cold times. The reason why this is important to keep in mind, when designing an irrigation system, is becausethe pipes are going to need to be drained automatically even in cold times.

In case the pipes freeze, there is even the possibility that they break, or crack. Small cracks are not going to be detected very easily, and the water loss is going to be inexplicable. The lawn irrigation is going to be flawed and unwanted. Therefore, it is important to consult a specialist, before placing the irrigation system yourself.

The last step in creating the best lawn irrigation design is to simply make a list of the materials needed: pipes, fittings, the valves used for controlling, the actual sprinklers, and so on. This is necessary in the process, because one could forget the exact quantity of equipment and the process is going to be slowed.

In conclusion, the lawn irrigation design is very important when building the irrigation system that you desire in the warm days, because it prevents the malfunctioning of the sprinklers. As tedious and detailed as it might be, after finalizing the lawn irrigation design, one is going to be very happy with the new irrigation system.

Lawn Irrigation Design

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