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Subsurface irrigation for lawns

Subsurface irrigation for lawns is defined by the application of water underground, directly to the roots of vegetation. The mechanism of this underground water sprinkling is based on polyethylene tubing that is buried.

The subsurface sprinkling for yards has many advantages, and one that is not very mentioned: it is probably the most effective methods of irrigation that exist nowadays. The reason why it is considered to have the highest potential is because underground water sprinkling gives the entire water to the soil.


Usually, when over ground sprinklers start to poor water, not every molecule enters the soil; a small part evaporates. Moreover, it is harder for the sprinkled water above ground to reach the deep roots. Therefore, for the lawns, which have big trees - which have deep roots - and other vegetation similar to this, a subsurface irrigation for lawns is the most effective type of irrigation system.

Moreover, this is an effective way of watering specifically some plants, as one can place the subsurface sprinklers exactly at particular roots. Another advantage of the underground irrigation system is that it gives enough space for rainfall water to store in the soil. Therefore, it truly minimizes the water loss.

However, this is not a suitable water irrigation method for any lawn. If the climate is usually dry and the soil is constantly eroding due to the dry atmosphere, than the most indicated type of water sprinkling system is the over ground one.

On the other hand, if the soil looks dry on the surface, after installing the subsurface irrigation system, it does not particularly mean that it is not effective. It actually shows that the water is distributed correctly and there are no blockages underground. Therefore, the water does not reach the surface.

In addition, if after having installed the underground irrigation system, the above soil starts to look full of water - more than usual - than it is important to check on the water pressure and on the quantity of water that is given by the sprinklers. There is a very possible chance of a malfunctioning somewhere in the irrigation system.

A plus for the subterranean irrigation is that it is very effective and desired in the places that are not rich in water supplies, because in comparison to surfacing sprinklers, the subsurface ones make use of every drop of water received, being able to use it in a specific location. It is to be noted that not in every case the irrigation type of system should be chosen based on the limitation of water.

For instance, in some particular cases, the irrigation system has other aims, apart from actually watering plants. First of all, the water sprinklers can be used for cooling the atmosphere during warm summer days, or for controlling the dust problems that are airborne. Sometimes, the irrigation systems are used as playgrounds by children, and why not, also by adults.

For subsurface irrigation for lawns, the only gain is water control and minimal losses, and other perks for comfort. For example, when a resident wants to go under a tree to read, or to have a picnic in the front yard, they should not wait for the sprinklers to stop, so that they do not get wet, or for the grass to get dry.

In addition, when having an irrigation system underground, the daily activities can be developed anytime, even during the irrigation happens. It increases the potential of the lawn, as it can be used anytime, without having the unpleasantness of waiting for the land to dry, or for the water sprinklers to stop working.

On top of everything, the subsurface irrigation for lawns can be applied regardless of the type of terrain. It does not account for shape or size. However, it is important to take into account that in rolling lands, the pressure is different underground, and the irrigation system can fail.Think about all the pipes and effort one saves when avoiding every bump in the terrain.   

Moreover, for the subsurface irrigation for lawns, the main advantages, as states above, are that the water can be poured in small amounts and in as frequently needed doses; this is also valid for the nutrients that dissolve in water. This is a particular and very useful way of using subsurface irrigation for healthy lawns.

In conclusion, the subsurface irrigation for lawns is extremely effective, and it enhances every reason why people get the water irrigation systems in the first place: minimizing water loss, more effective irrigation, and comfortable sprinklers.

Subsurface irrigation for lawns

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